Philadelphia Polished Concrete, Inc’s three P’s are the cornerstones for our work process. Whether you want your flooring surface to look like a sheet of glass or are going for a rougher, more industrial look, these steps remain true. Pouring the most important part of a polished concrete floor is the foundation. We offer a service where we can measure the FF (floor flatness) and FL (floor levelness) numbers in order to ensure the end result of the project. This service is also available for renovation concrete jobs (where existing concrete is to be polished) and will dictate the end result using the existing surface.


We protect the perfectly flat and level slab after pouring with Scofield Duracover Proguard. This product is thick enough to drive forklifts over, weld and conduct any other general construction work on top of. It will protect the floor so there is nothing needed aside from removing the material prior to polishing the floor.


This is the step where we bring the floor to life. For concrete we pour ourselves, there is not as much prep work needed prior to polishing as the floor is already very flat & level. However, for existing jobs with renovation concrete, the prep work needed can be quite involved. Because of our experience in this field, we have perfected the process and have figured out the most efficient pathways using the best products and equipment to deliver the perfect finished product every time.


Our world-class floors are 100 year floors. They will last a lifetime with very little maintenance. High traffic areas will wear no different than areas that are sparsely traversed. There are many benefits of choosing a polished concrete floor from PPC, both environmental and financial.